AMOS Vision

Promoting Professional and Uniform Safety Services in Alberta

In keeping with the Societies Act of the Province of Alberta the Alberta Mechanical Officials Society's objectives are as follows:


The Alberta Mechanical Officials Society exists for the purpose of promoting professional and uniform safety services for Alberta by working in partnership with government, industry, educational institutions, and the public.


To stimulate continuous improvement through meaningful involvement of all members of the Alberta Mechanical Officials Society.


To facilitate communication and education among all the educators, manufacturers, administrators of codes and regulations relating to plumbing, gas, heating or any other mechanical trade associated with such installations in buildings, structures or housing in the Province of Alberta.


To facilitate the development of a common vision for the Alberta Mechanical Officials Society.



Become A Member

Whether you want to be involved in the development of codes or standards or just want to benefit from the experience of your peers across the province, there are benefits to being a member.

AMOS members have the opportunity to have a direct impact on safety codes issues that affect all Albertans. As an AMOS member, you will be able to meet and talk to other members who may serve on National and Provincial technical commitees, or standards technical committees aiding in the development of the standards that are referenced by the plumbing and gas codes.

To become a member go to the "Contact Us" page and send us an email.